About FoE Kuranda

The group was formed in 2005 and incorporated in early 2006.

The founders of FoE Kuranda were keen to be part of an international network that struggles for social justice as well as environmental sustainability and we are proud to be affiliated with the national and international Friends of the Earth network and be a member of Friends of the Earth Australia.

We support the national FoE campaigns for                                             

  • climate change and climate justice
  • Indigenous land rights
  • sustainable food
  • responsible use of resources
  • protection of our natural environment
  • improved water quality

and the campaigns against

  • the nuclear industry
  • nanotechnology
  • genetically modified food
  • carcinogens and hormone disrupting chemicals
  • overconsumption .


FoE Kuranda also works regionally for sustainable local planning, social justice for local Indigenous people, improved water quality in our rivers and drinking water, better waste management and campaigns for the preservation of our unique wildlife  and the rich endemic plant biodiversity of this area.

 Join Friends of the Earth Kuranda!

Anyone who is willing to pay $5 per annum membership fees and who agrees to abide by our Constitution is welcome to join.

To apply for membership – or to make contact if you need more information before deciding to join – please use Contact Us.