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Sustainable Development

Scorched Earth 0

Bushfires are in mind at the moment given recent fires in the area. In Australia, land management with fire is a deep tradition. Aboriginal culture used fire strategically for tens of thousands of years before the arrival of Europeans.   Paleontological evidence indicates Australia was covered by mostly rainforest millions of years ago. Gradually the(…)

Planning for a Future 0

Section from article submitted for August Kuranda Paper:   Planning for a Future How many people can Kuranda carry? The FoE Kuranda group is very disappointed about the contents of a letter sent out recently by Brian Millard of Tablelands Regional Council. This stated, that despite assurances made by local MP Steve Wettenhall and the(…)

FoE Brisbane takes Wandoan MEGA coal mine to court 0

Global mining giant Xstrata will today face the Land Court of Queensland over the greenhouse impacts of its proposed Wandoan mega coal mine. Friends of the Earth lodged the objection with the Land Court due to the colossal carbon emissions from the mine. They say that the mega mine will have disastrous impacts and should(…)

Smaller Footprint, Bigger Smile 0

David Suzuki’s Recommendations for a Greener Life   TRANSPORT Be an eco driver by going slower, watching out for wildlife and checking pouches for joeys. Ring FNQ Wildife rescue if you find any injured wildife or joeys on 4053 4467 Drive the most fuel efficient vehicle that meets your needs. Or better still, try cycling,(…)